Six important things you should take care as a Research Scholar

The purpose of writing this article is to understand the key challenges a research scholar faces in his/her day to day life. These are the constantly running challenges which any research scholar encounters for at least 3 years. With Time Management to no social life, these folks face extreme situations. So let’s gear up to discuss the issue and try to find out the solutions. Let’s start:-

1. State of Isolation:-

The first and foremost issue any research scholar faces is being isolated. At times, there are very less people working on their project and at times, nobody support them on their work. While on the other hand, their college peers enjoy the luxury of working in 9-5 and smooth social life. This fear of being lonely affect them as lack of motivation hits them and pulls ‘em down.

To avoid this, any scholar may join the clubs and societies which are primary of research scholars on social media networks and other methods such as LinkedIn and facebook groups. This helps in knowledge sharing and keeps them motivated.

2.Funding Issues:-

Funding in Ph.D. students is a prime concern. The funding on any research project is usually from an external source, which practically get reduced or doesn’t increases. This is a prime issue with the research scholars while studying and taking care of other academic support.

In such cases, one should not be ashamed of reaching the supervisor for help and he can be the primary source of help.

3.No Work-Life Balance:-

Long study hours and being around books all the time keep the work life balance improper. Taking time for hobbies, social life and family and friends is equally important and gives happiness, which should be the ultimate object of everything. Remember! We are working for this last objective and this should be on priority as well.

4.Relationship with the supervisor:-

This is another prime challenge research scholars are facing dayin day out. A supervisor, at times may behave as a friend, a mentor or boss as well. To maintain the same relation over 3 years may be difficult and in case of any disagreement over any point may surface conflicts as well.

Building up good relationship and trust factor with other scholars and faculty members support and take care of this issue. Remember! We are social and at times driven by emotions . Being in the good books of the faculties, on a broader spectrum may lead to higher chances of easy conflict removal and for motivation to keep going.

5.Mental Stress:-

So much to do with just 24 hours a day with high expectations from supervisors and family leads to perform well and this may impact the mental health as well. Right from the start of selection of doable topic to thesis and synopsis and submission the research paper within that timeframe is very troublesome.

To overcome this issue, one should catch up with friends, enjoy the positives of the life and enjoy the tiny things which may fill up with happiness. Its important to avoid any kind of negatives is very important during this tenure to fetch the greatness of life.

6.Uncertain Future:-

With the kind of Job Market and its trends, no-one can guarantee your Ph.D. degree can fetch up you a rewarding career. Getting into corporate is not that easy and entering into the premier institutions is also highly competitive. We all have seen the scholars of this level have applied to clerical jobs as well.

But, on the other hand, scholars should start searching their prospects early. Building a good linkedIn Profile and good relationship grid may also get you good references to reach upto the level of job which may satisfy your economical, social and career requirements as well.


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